Patio furniture that lasts

Teak wood furniture

This time of year many people have put away their summer patio furniture and await until the spring to enjoy the warmth and outdoors again. We have purchased many types of patio sets and they all look great at the beginning only to have that worn down look in only a matter of a few years. This goes for the low end stuff as well as the furniture that we have paid up to $1000 for. We were recently looking at teak patio furniture that provides a more luxury feel and in our new neighborhood the old Costco specials will not look so good. The beautiful look and feel of teak wood presents such a high end look that is really cost effective when you look at the total ownership of the pieces. Plus with all the various styles you are able to mix and match and then add pieces as you go to accommodate your growing family or hosting needs.

Teak is a fine wood for outdoor furniture with a beautiful pattern, exotic scent and strong structural properties. It is a durable wood that is resistant to bugs and mildew.Teak furniture offers the durability and look for many outdoor patios.Maintenance free without paint or preservatives, natural teak patio furniture weathers to a silvery grey patina with exposure to the elements. Teak is one of the strongest,hardest, and most durable woods. Little maintenance is needed to maintain your new teak wood furniture. Using mild soap and warm water is really all that is required. You can use a teak cleaner for more stubborn stains such as wine.Many popular loungers are still made of teak because of it’s durable properties. So when it is said that the outdoor furniture manufacturer, uses teak wood exported directly from Indonesia, the expectation of purchasing beautiful, durable furniture is met. Teak Wood Furniture continue to raise the bar in producing furniture that is sophisticated and customized to their customer’s individual taste with their unique alloy and teak design. The new alloy design is made with 304 stainless steel, so rust and corrosion will never be a problem.

No doubt garden is a place for plants and flowers but now day’s every one like to have an elegant sitting plan by using multiple schemes of garden decor. While garden flags helps us to improve the overall impact of the garden. Now day’s trend of trend of having flag poles is also increasing.

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Recycle your old cell phone and upgrade

The latest sector of smartphone technology just continues to get smarter and smarter with each new product. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg; when it comes to the amount of information these smartphones can store and process at the same time. I was thinking the cell phone world was getting pretty close to their end and to all of the things they could actually equip on a mobile phone. Boy was I wrong and its really the other way around. We are  not closing in on any cell phone limits, but are only beginning to see how these small handheld devices can make our lives so much easier. If you are wondering what to do with your current cell phone there is a way to recycle it. At companies like they recycle cell phones and pay your cash for your old phones. They are a site that can help you find the best deal for your used phone. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade now and make some extra dollars selling your old phone.

Most smartphone users will really want to get in on the Android Market, to get the latest and greatest apps for your 21st century phones. If you have a blog online, you can update it from your HTC Desire Z phone and it also works well with other social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Your phone can take pictures in a high quality resolution; while also maintaining the powers to record a short video. Which you could then upload to a website; which allows content from user generated media supplies and sources. Keep your phone battery charged up and you will have no problems with at least 6+ hours of talk time.  Is there any other smartphone features you could possibly want on a great phone like this; which does sell for way under a $200 price tag?

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Costumes and carving pumpkins

I know it’s a little early to start talking about pumpkins and Halloween costumes, but the urge hit me today so thought I would put some thoughts down. The other is reason is that I was looking through website and noticed the Plus size costume that they offered. As much as I love Halloween and all the things associated with it, like getting candy, dressing up in costumes, and watching scary movies on TV, I have never carved a pumpkin before. I’m not a good artist, so I know my jack-o-lantern would not turn out good, but would still like to do it one day. I would need some pumpkin carving tips, because I wouldn’t know where to start.

I know the kids would have a good time carving up a pumpkin for Halloween. This can be a great family activity that everyone would have a good time doing and really pumpkins don’t cost that much. A cheap pumpkin would be just fine for the younger folks. You can dress up like a pumpkin and find Halloween Costumes | Plus Size Costumes | Childrens Costumes at this unique online halloween costume shop.

Do you plan to carve out a pumpkin for this year? We don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters at my house, but the people that live in neighborhoods, should have a carved-out pumpkin sitting on the porch with a candle inside. As the flame twinkles up and down in the Halloween night, it seems the fire gives life to these pumpkins. If you don’t put a candle in your pumpkin; then it does take away from the personality of your pumpkin. If your going to take the time to carve-in a nice design, you might as well throw a candle inside to give it that finishing touch.

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Your laptop warranty

Having a laptop now is just as common in most homes as a PC. The ability to have your laptop with when you travel or just to carry around the house in order to get online and chat with your Facebook friends or get work done has become a part of everyday life. While they have definitely come down in price most decent laptops will cost between $500-$900. Most of us have the laptop warranty from the manufacturer which mainly covers any electronic or parts failure that may occur within a year. After that period you will need to purchase the extended laptop warranty which in some cases can cover you up to 5 additional years. Depending on the value of your laptop that cost can vary substantially. What a warranty will not cover and where many people find themselves in a bind is if you accidentally drop your laptop or there is liquid spills or theft.
That is why having a small insurance plan on your laptop makes a lot of sense. At the Worth Ave Group that specialize in insuring laptops and electronics against theft,drops, and other hazards. For a small fee per year starting at around $40 you can have added piece of mind that while you are traveling with your laptop or digital camera you can be sure that it will be protected should you happen to accidentally drop it or spill your triple, Venti, iced mocha while chatting with your friends.

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The Mystery at the Jersey shore


New Jersey is a great place to take a summer vacation and it can be one you can bring the whole family on. I’m sure your first thought on a vacation in Jersey would include making a trip to Atlantic City, but this isn’t somewhere the children will be able to go and have a good time. A fun NJ vacation that you could include the kids on would be a trip to Morey’s Piers. This is the idea vacation place that has non-stop entertainment going on through out the week. They are home to some of the best NJ Amusement Rides. Start looking now to take advantage of their Spring sale where you can save up to 35% on rides and tickets. They have a different special each day of the week; Monday thru Friday is full of fun for the adults and kids too. Magical Mondays, Tues “Day” Time Special, Xtreme Ride Wednesdays, Thirty Dollar Thursdays and Friday Splashtacular are the themed-events that go on at Morey’s Piers every single day.

They have also created a bit of a mystery on new ride set to debut this year called the Ignis Fatuus. According to some published reports this looks to be a new roller coaster that may actually span two separate piers. Stay tuned and the unveiling will take place soon and if you are in search of a great place to enjoy the Spring and Summer the Jersey shore and the board walk are a great choice.

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Save on prescription eyeglasses

People usually don’t associate “cheap” with prescription glasses, but that does exist for those that get their glasses from These guys are the leading place online that people get their prescription eye wear from each day. The reason they are the top company in the word is because of the prices and the quality they offer. We do associate “cheap” with low quality, but this is not the case here. No middleman in their process; they design and manufacture their own frames and this saves everyone money. I know that myself and my wife could certainly benefit from checking out Zenni Optical online.

In Clark Howards new book he talks about ways to save money and one of those ways is purchasing discount eyeglasses through online companies like Clark Howard for those that are unfamiliar with him is the national consumer expert that appears on CNN and helps to show you how to save money. There are so many great and simple ways that his new book could help many of us hang onto our hard earned dollars. Maybe he could point out some ideas for our government since they are not able to save money. If you are looking to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses then you should check out for prescription glasses starting at $39.

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A healthy choice with Nopalea

If you search online for various health drinks and supplements you are sure to find hundreds of products that claim to help in all kinds of ailments. The internet has made it easy for anyone to post a product and then create claims in hopes to sell a product. When searching for a health product online you want to make sure that the company has a history of being in the industry and can provide real human testimonies about their products. You can also check with your health care provider and see if they know or recommend anything that might be helpful.
If you are looking for the newest in healthy drinks to help reduce inflammation and help rid your body of toxins then check out Nopalea. This product has been derived from the fruit of the Nopal cactus that has been for centuries by natives to help them with various ailments. Nopalea contains potent antioxidants that have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation. If you act right now they are offering a free 32 oz bottle and you only have to pay the $9.95 shipping. With over 3 million bottles sold by a company that has been selling health drinks for over 12 years there has to be something to the product.

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Is LeBron the best NBA player

The man known as the “chosen one” or “King James” is this year’s winner of the prestigious MVP award that the NBA hands out each year. It’s not easy being the Most Valuable Player in the NBA with all the great talent that is out there right now. It was a tough vote this year and I figured Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers would get it this year. Kobe did lead his Lakers Team to the League’s best record. The Western Conference teams play a tough schedule and it was impressive that Kobe Bryant could lead his team to the best record in the Western Conference and still have a better record than any teams from the East.

Dwayne Wade was the NBA leading scorer this year and he deserved some consideration for MVP this year. I think Bryant or Wade would have been a better choice, but voters didn’t see it that way. LeBron James did lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a great record this year and they are one of the best teams in the East right now. I know LeBron James is a great player and he has a lot of fans and support out there. I just don’t think this was his year and tough to award a guy the MVP Award in the NBA when his team doesn’t have the best record or the fact he didn’t lead the NBA in scoring. The wins and scoring are two big stats that usually get awards, but not in this case. His name seems to be on everything from shoes to a men’s dress shirt.

LeBron James is the first Cavalier to win a MVP and it is nice to see the voters in the big markets recognize his talents. The sports markets in New York and Los Angeles are huge and they usually get their way in these type of voting awards. Miami isn’t as big, but they are much more recognized than the city of Cleveland is in the sports world. I do like the fact the Cleveland Browns and the NFL let LeBron appear in a commercial wearing a Brown’s uniform. That is a great commercial and LeBron’s popularity does travel outside the borders of the NBA and he’s known in all sports and around the world.

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Getting your pizza delivered hot

If you like your money, you might want to start ordering all your pizzas by the telephone. I can tell you a few good reasons why you don’t want to order that pizza online and have it delivered to you. I know it’s easier to order it online, but you’re going to pay if you do it that way. Most pizza places don’t have the best people answering their phones and if you ask about discounts, you can usually find them. The person taking your order on the phone will have to put in the price of your order manually and you can save money by doing this.

I just saw a commercial for Pizza Hut. Right now you can get a 1 topping stuffed crust pizza for $10.99. Now this is for all Pizza Huts that are participating in the offer. They should all be participating, because this is free advertising for them and they should give you the same thing you see on the commercial. Just be sure you ask for it, when you call your order in. Now this $10.99 pizza from the Pizza Hut commercial is over $15 online. They are also charging me $2.50 for delivery and then you tack on the tax, my order quickly balloons to over $19! At least you hope that when your pizza arrives it will be hot for that price. Many of the pizza companies are now using heated pizza delivery bags so that your pie will arrive just as hot as it would if you ordered it in the store. That 10 dollar pizza is more like 20 bucks! Now in most cases that delivery charge is given to the driver, so no need in paying more for your order if they are going to charge you for the tip. I usually tip better than the charges on my order, but since the pizza establishment feels it’s necessary to charge me, I just let the driver have the smaller tip. I know that might not be fair to the driver, but if enough drivers speak up, they can get rid of these pre-paid charges and let customers tip what they want.

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