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You can find web services related articles online that can be used in your blog or website to help bring unique content to your site.  Plus for those aspiring writers and bloggers you can submit your article and start your viral marketing campaign. With the right message and branding you can create content and then have it published for free and have hundreds of thousands interested readers looking to add your content to their site. Another great example of creating a viral marketing campaign is what we saw with the Robbins Brothers.

love noteCase Study: What they were able to do was to take a simple concept ” A love note” and make it simple and easy for anyone to log on and create their own. The branding of the store is there and it helps people to think of engagement rings or diamond rings for that special someone. Since it is free and people  want to show their work they then forward and post to their blogs and Facebook accounts where others will then want to create their own. So instead of the typical jewelery touting low prices Robbins Brothers have created a emotional link to their brand.

When implementing any type of feed or embedding a video there are basically two types of feeds for those looking to add content to their site JAVA and XML. Java is less complicated and easier for beginners, but the only drawback is that from all we have read is that spiders do not read java code so the impact may not be as a great. The other option. XML feed, is actually the best and will result in a better and faster indexing for your site or blog. Both options are free and provide your site or blog with the latest articles that added on a daily basis. For new sites this is a great option as you establish your presence and move your way up the search engine ladder for your keywords.

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The charitable recognition of Perry Mandera

In this day of financial uncertainty for both the general family there are also gaps in charitable companies and their funds to operate. Many of the large national charitable organizations like the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and American Heart Association have been able to weather the storm with large corporate support, but local smaller charities are having to find ways to make ends meet. This was seen as a the Shriners Hospital, a national system of hospitals that help children in need for no cost, announced a year ago that they may have to close down some of their hospitals due to lack of funding. You and I are probably asked several times a month to participate in a fund raiser, attend a silent auction, or simply commit to a monetary donation. Asking for charitable support from local citizens can be difficult if they themselves are not sure what their financial status will be at the end of the year. That is why I was glad to see a newer site of recognition called Donors of Note.
They recognize local business owners and companies that contribute their time and finances to local charities.

Their first honorary member is Perry Mandera financial services which lists some of Mr. Mandera’s accomplishments and his charitable givings to local Chicagoland organizations. Mr. Mandera owns The Custom Companies which specializes in transportation across the nation. Starting his own company at the age of 23 and becoming one of the top companies in his industry employing over 200 people he is seen as giving back to his community. Philanthropy is something that can make a huge difference in a town or a country. It is one action that as Americans we do a fair job at but those that lead in these endeavors receive little recognition unless you are a Bill Gates who has billions to give away. I like the fact that this new website exists to honor and recognize small to mid-size company leaders and their contributions to their local communities. I hope that this will be the start of a much larger movement where across the country businesses can find a way to help through their time and dollars those that are in need. If a business is able to show support to those local charities they can help their overall company image and install a sense of pride from their employees and make their organization one in which people will want to work for.

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Finding CRM software online

More companies are looking to control costs in these economic times and one way that they can do this without reducing headcount is to look at their capital expenses and technology upgrades that may be coming up this year. This is where software as a service or Saas may be a huge advantage. It is basically using software as you need it without the upfront costs of purchasing the software, installation, and the depreciation that happens to technology driven applications. This can result in lower overhead costs due to intensive support that is required when you launch a new software application and reduced hardware costs. Now companies can get crm software at a moments notice and have online web applications that do not require server installations and can be scaled to fit your growing business. The deployment can happen in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks since you are not having to do the manual installs.

At companies like they offer help desk software online so that companies can deploy solutions on the fly and not have to worry about getting software to match up with their current enterprise software. They are a directory based service that provides reviews and opinions on some of the top CRM software in the industry. You can list your software solutions for free and even make money based on PPC advertising. The web based solutions have become a reality allowing companies to even find and use call center software through online solutions for long and short term needs. With web based software you are always going to have access to the most current versions with upgrades and security updates so that you can concentrate on your business and not having to worry about software updates.

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DealOn is no laughing matter

Who doesn’t like to get a good deal when you go out to eat? Everyone knows that group rates are usually better than a single purchase. There are several local TV stations that have started teaming up with local eating establishments to offer 50% off discount coupons for your meal. This type of advertising where the restaurant offers $50 certificates for only $25 is becoming quite common. They are banking on the fact that you will come back and spend more on each of your subsequent visits. But what if you had more control and the more people that buy the deal the price goes down? At DealOn they have come up with a cool solution to help consumers take control of the price and the more that purchase the already discounted certificates the better the price gets.
You simply sign up for free and select your city or the nearest city to you to find deals on restaurants, spas, and other stores. The concept is simple and they are just getting started so the cities that are represented are growing. I love the fact that you can send the specials to your friends through Facebook and twitter and help increase the group buying power. This site allows consumers to harness the power of group buying and everyone can benefit. So if you looking for a great deal then check out DealOn.

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Chatting online

chattingIt seems like there are new and innovative social networking, dating and chat sites popping up weekly. People are communicating and connecting in more streamlined ways. Who would have thought that a simple 140 characters was ll you needed to interact with someone. Facebook and Twitter are leading the pack but they are geared to the masses and you are looking to just chat with a specific group of people then there are a few chat sites that are geared just for that with specific groups and forums. If you would like to start meeting some new people online.   The best way is through a webcam. You can set up your webcam, and members at will be able to see you and communicate with you. You also have the chance to see them too. It’s a great way to meet new people.

funny chatPeople with webcams have been putting all kinds of videos on a site like myspace and chat services where they can communicate with people from around their state and the country. However, you can’t communicate with the person in the video live. It’s more of the chat approach. Now you have the opportunity to communicate live with someone. You can do all of this for free too! Not only are people putting themselves on this site. They will also in  some cases play music in the background, and it’s like having your own radio on the computer. is one such chat site service that allows you chat online for free and they offer various environments for adults and teens to be able have secure online interactions.

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Grab a new Dell laptop

My youngest daughter has been asking for a laptop that she can use to talk with her friends online and play various online kids games. The reason she wants a new laptop is because her older sister got one for Christmas and now that her birthday is here that is all she asking for. She is even willing to give up a birthday party with her friends in order to get a pink Dell laptop. So the search begins to look online and through some of the local ads to see what kind of deal we can find for her. I was originally thinking that a netbook might be fine but I decided it might be good to get her an actual laptop so that she can use later when she gets to high school.
Luckily there are sites like where you can find Dell coupons that can help me save an additional 25% off of Dell’s already great pricing. I have been a fan of Dell computers ever since we had our first desktop because of their service and quality. Plus you can add the features that you want and upgrades with their simple selection tool online. The technology has gotten very affordable and now with the new Intel iCore processors the battery life and performance is excellent and the technology should certainly last her until High School which who knows what will be available then.

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A live band at your next Super Bowl Party

Right now there are few teams that appear to be ready for the upcoming playoffs and some early Super Bowl Favorites. The Green Bay Packers are looking to make it back to the championship game with their current record and the way they are putting up points. You know these guys must really be cold; since most places are experiencing unusual cold temperatures right now. I think the weather is suppose to warm back up soon and who knows what the weather will be like on Super Bowl Sunday.

I think it would be fun to plan a outdoor Super Bowl party and get everyone to dress warm for the big game. You could roll out the television to your deck or back porch and let your friends watch the Super Bowl outside. You could even book some Live Entertainment where you have a live band or DJ come out to help really make it like you are at the game. Turn into a nice block party where everyone is encouraged to dress in the colors of their favorite team. Keeping the television inside would need to be an option, in case it rains in your area for Super Bowl Sunday. However, the rain would not stop you or your friends from watching the big game and all those Super Bowl commercials outside. Make it a mission to watch the game outside this year and see how many can brave the weather to watch football outdoors.

You could have one of those outdoor umbrellas handy in case it is raining, snowing, or use it for protection against the sun and wind. The guys in the NFL are playing outdoors right now, so they can play in the Super Bowl this year. I think we should support these players and brave the outdoor elements and watch the Super Bowl outside this year. Chances are that most of our teams will get beat before the Super Bowl, so we would be watching two teams that we normally wouldn’t be rooting for. How do you think a outdoor Super Bowl party suggestion would go over with your friends? Please let me know where you live and if you plan to try an outdoor Super Bowl party this year.

For further details on a wide range acts visit

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How do you search for auto insurance

The battle to get your auto insurance seems to be in full swing if you have been watching TV lately. It seems that whether you are looking for a new policy or trying to save money on your current plan companies like Progressive, AllState, and State Farm are battling it out to win your business. All of the claim to be able to save you money if you just take 10 minutes to contact them and get your free quote. Many people are using social networks or blogs to help them see what others are doing and this can lead to even more confusion. That is why it may be more advantageous to use a company like NetQuote where you enter your information once and then you can receive up to 6 quotes from major companies bidding for your business. WNVD3F9BU5KX This will enable you to more effectively compare rates and plans so that you can better understand what your deductibles and premiums are going to be.

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Boston Takes the Lead in the Series

The heavy favorites in this year’s World Series is now leading by two games. The Colorado Rockies didn’t have anything for the Red Sox in game 1 and came up 1 run short in the 2nd game against the Boston Red Sox. Boston’s pitching has really been good and they just aren’t allowing the Rockies to put up any crooked numbers on the scoreboard. I’m still going to be rooting for the underdogs and see if they can get the bats going at Coors Field in this World Series.

This could be a special time in the Boston area. The Red Sox are 2 games away from winning the World Series, while the New England Patriots have looked unstopable. You factor that in with what the Boston Celtics have did during the off season by adding in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and the city of Boston might just be cheering for a long time. How nice it must be to live in Boston right now and being a hometown fan for all the teams. I’m not sure about the Boston Bruins, but if they win the Stanley Cup, we might all just have to move to Boston, so we can join in on all the fun!

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