Getting your pizza delivered hot

If you like your money, you might want to start ordering all your pizzas by the telephone. I can tell you a few good reasons why you don’t want to order that pizza online and have it delivered to you. I know it’s easier to order it online, but you’re going to pay if you do it that way. Most pizza places don’t have the best people answering their phones and if you ask about discounts, you can usually find them. The person taking your order on the phone will have to put in the price of your order manually and you can save money by doing this.

I just saw a commercial for Pizza Hut. Right now you can get a 1 topping stuffed crust pizza for $10.99. Now this is for all Pizza Huts that are participating in the offer. They should all be participating, because this is free advertising for them and they should give you the same thing you see on the commercial. Just be sure you ask for it, when you call your order in. Now this $10.99 pizza from the Pizza Hut commercial is over $15 online. They are also charging me $2.50 for delivery and then you tack on the tax, my order quickly balloons to over $19! At least you hope that when your pizza arrives it will be hot for that price. Many of the pizza companies are now using heated pizza delivery bags so that your pie will arrive just as hot as it would if you ordered it in the store. That 10 dollar pizza is more like 20 bucks! Now in most cases that delivery charge is given to the driver, so no need in paying more for your order if they are going to charge you for the tip. I usually tip better than the charges on my order, but since the pizza establishment feels it’s necessary to charge me, I just let the driver have the smaller tip. I know that might not be fair to the driver, but if enough drivers speak up, they can get rid of these pre-paid charges and let customers tip what they want.

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The Mystery at the Jersey shore


New Jersey is a great place to take a summer vacation and it can be one you can bring the whole family on. I’m sure your first thought on a vacation in Jersey would include making a trip to Atlantic City, but this isn’t somewhere the children will be able to go and have a good time. A fun NJ vacation that you could include the kids on would be a trip to Morey’s Piers. This is the idea vacation place that has non-stop entertainment going on through out the week. They are home to some of the best NJ Amusement Rides. Start looking now to take advantage of their Spring sale where you can save up to 35% on rides and tickets. They have a different special each day of the week; Monday thru Friday is full of fun for the adults and kids too. Magical Mondays, Tues “Day” Time Special, Xtreme Ride Wednesdays, Thirty Dollar Thursdays and Friday Splashtacular are the themed-events that go on at Morey’s Piers every single day.

They have also created a bit of a mystery on new ride set to debut this year called the Ignis Fatuus. According to some published reports this looks to be a new roller coaster that may actually span two separate piers. Stay tuned and the unveiling will take place soon and if you are in search of a great place to enjoy the Spring and Summer the Jersey shore and the board walk are a great choice.

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Bruno Mars ringtone

For most people this can seem very technical and this may be the reason that a lot of us just leave the default ring tone on. At sites like the process is actually quite simple. You can just do a search for ringtones, or free ringtones and you will find a number of sites offering various plans. Or you can go to your carriers homepage and choose from their wide selection from today’s latest hits, to show tunes, or even the latest TV series jingles. Then all you have to do is make sure that the ringtone is compatible with your mobile phone, enter your cell phone number and you will receive a text explaining how to activate your new ringtone. Don’t forget that most of the time there is a charge for each ringtone that you do download. So go out there and grab the latest ringtone from your favorite EMI or Warner Artist and the next time your phone rings you will know exactly who’s phone it is.

I would love to gift the latest Bruno Mars song ” Just the way you are” to my daughter who loves this song. I have heard it on the radio and was not sure of the artist and after doing some research learned that it was performed by Bruno Mars. He was seen on the MTV VMA’s featured alongside B.o.B in a great performance.

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Zenni Optical making eyeglasses more affordable


For those that are looking to get a new pair of glasses and want to save money and avoid the hassle of sitting in the store trying to pick a pair of eyeglasses then you should check out Zenni Optical. They have made buying a new pair of glasses simple and easy and they offer a number of styles and frames. You can simply enter your eyeglass prescription online in a secure environment and have your new glasses in about 10-12 days with free shipping. Many of the glasses are under $89 for the frames, lenses, and shipping. So the next time you are going in for your eye exam make sure to look at this video and then your Dr. will wonder why you are smiling so much during the exam.

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Getting help with online tutors

If you are looking for a great resource to help your child or college age student in their school work then Tutorhub may be just the answer you have been looking for. While paying for home tutors has been the standard for students in a particular subject using an online tutor service allows you quick access to people or other students in a particular subject. We had a chance to check out their site and they offer a forum where you can post questions and if any of the thousands of tutors can answer the question they will provide guidance. You can then schedule a private online session to understand how to the solve the problem or get guidance on writing a paper.

These online services help bring those with special talents in a subject with those that need help together. Learning now has the ability to go global and provide both the teacher and student a chance to learn and grow in different areas while experiencing a different learning style. There is a reason why certain countries excel in different subjects and being able to learn from those individuals will make your child that much better.

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A watch makes a great anniversary gift

Who would have ever known that time would be so expensive. I have seen some nice watches that sell for a pretty penny and not sure if it’s worth paying that much money for something that just tells us the time. Some people do want the best of the best and the style and selection of today’s watches is amazing. You can find luxury watches at discounted prices if you take a little time to search for deals online.I have been looking at the most current Invicta Watches for my wife and our upcoming 20 year wedding anniversary. Since I spend most of time in business sales calls with customers being able to dress nicely and have a nice accessory like a Invicta and Citizen watch could add to the overall look. This would be a great gift for my wife of 20 years could get me since the last time I got a new watch was over 10 years ago.There are several gift ideas that would make a perfect present on your wedding anniversary for your special someone and giving the gift of time can be one that they will remember. It is nice to own a luxury watch, so you have something to wear out in public on those evenings that you dress up a little nicer for. Our time is valuable to all of us and some people really show that value by wearing a nice watch.

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Time to get your eyes checked

Buying eyeglasses takes a on a whole new look when you think about the pressure that we put ourselves though in order to see better. That is why paying big bucks for prescription glasses does not have to be one of those stress factors.
The company that brings you some of the cheapest prescription eyeglasses online or off is continuing to get notice. The latest article in the New York Times titled Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank is another media outlet taking notice of the great bargains eyeglass wearers are getting from Zenni Optical. They offer very affordable prices and like the New York Times title states, they won’t break the bank or your pocketbook.

Zenni_opticalFinding the right style and color of eyeglasses to wear is just half of the shopping experience. The price of our prescription glasses is what a lot of people will look at first. You can relax about the cost of your new eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. You can also find a great write up on the company on Erics review of Zenni and get a good idea of the overall company and how they are able to make such inexpensive glasses.

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Finding the cost of web design

I think a company or a person could benefit greatly from their own logo. A logo is something that symbolizes something popular and does it without words. If you see the golden arches from the restaurant McDonalds, you immediately identify what that symbol represents. If you can create your own logo, you can have a symbol to represent what you or your business is about. It can take a long time to get a logo noticed, so this is a long-term marketing plan. Using your logo to enhance your brand can also help in your overall SEO and online marketing efforts. The problem is that many companies rely on standard graphics to try and express their brand and this can create confusion with your customers.
There is a good article out there talking about Website Pricing and options to have a logo designed as well. The prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands. You have to look at what you are trying to accomplish and then choose the direction you want to pursue. Always make sure that you see other works by the developer and have a solid agreement as to pricing and timelines..

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The ulitmate baseball game

Its always nice to see the dog days of July come and we get to see the best of the best in the MLB All Star Game that is played every year. This year’s summer classic was held close to the Alcatraz Island that we call San Francisco. The San Francisco Giants play their games there and was the host for this year’s 2007 All Star Game. The hero and fan favorite was the man that was batting 2nd in the National League’s Lineup. It was that guy that wears the number 25 jersey that we call Barry “James” Bonds (a little Chris Berman humor).

The American League has been dominating this mid-summer classic that is played each year. Things didn’t change much tonight as the America League once again won the game and will have home field advantage in the World Series this year. I will go ahead and predict the Cleveland Indians will be hosting the Milwaukee Brewers in the first game of the 2007 World Series. I really like these two teams and they have some good youth that make up their ball clubs and it won’t surprise me to see Cleveland and Milwaukee playing in a few World Series over the next few years to come.

The highlight of the All Star game came from the at-bat of the MVP of the game. It was when Ichiro Suzuki hit the inside the park homerun that was the main highlight in the game. He rounded the bases fast with his amazing speed after a long fly ball to right field had a funny bounce off the way, and by the time Ken Griffey Jr. ran down the awkward bounce off the wall, it was too late to throw out the Mariner with all the blazing speed.

If you look back 30 years ago and seen what was going on in baseball back in 1977, you would be amazed at all the things that was happening to one team in particular. July of 1977 in New York was surrounded by the big blackout, Son of Sam, and the New York Yankees team.
Maybe next year will be when the National League gets this losing streak off their chest!

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