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Trivia with the neighbors

We played 80 trivia with our neighbors this weekend, and some of our freinds we found out spent way to much time watching TV. Like who was the lead singer of Wang Chung?

When did Edie Brickell have her first hit? I can’y even remember what the answer was, but some of our friend knew this right off the bat.  This goes to show who was hanging out in front of the TV , while the rest of us were out working in high school.

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Need a good laugh


Adding content to your blog has just got a whole lot easier thanks to You are now able to add funny videos that can match your interests on your site. They have for example the Tiger Wood video where he attacking a thief taking off with his golf bag. Tiger actually performed the stunt himself and actually cut the actors head when he tackled the thief. They have extreme and sports videos to help you create content for your site or blog. Remember that content is king and having videos on your site will keep your customers coming back.

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Christmas gifts for 2009

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse starts out one of the classic Christmas stories. Originally called A Visit from St. Nicholas now we know it by The night before Christmas conjures up images of Ol’ Saint Nick with his sleigh full of reindeer whisking around the world bringing Christmas gift to all the good little boys and girls. It has become a tradition at our house as with many others to read this shortly before Christmas to our kids.

As the holidays near we pull out the Christmas lights, and ornaments to decorate the tree. We string popcorn and cranberries to put around the tree, and the kids hang there ornaments from the limbs with care. Then of course there are the gifts that fill the underneath the tree all wrapped in festive paper and bows to match. This year we will be giving to some of friends and family Christmas gift baskets some with gourmet foods, others with a selection of beers from across the country. Rogers eMall has Christmas ideas for those that have everything.It is way to provide everyone with something that they will enjoy throughout the holiday seasons and can share with their families during this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Trend of having fireplaces, as a part of home decoration is increasing every day. Now day’s people love to go for electric fireplace instead of gas ones. If you really want to increase the beauty of your home, so before purchasing fireplace make sure you have fireplace mantels.

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Online courses for 2010

I know a lot of people that like to do their schooling from online. It seems very popular these days to obtain a degree online. I would like a masters degree in business management but I haven’t found the right online school yet. They are a bit expensive in most cases, but they are convenient, since you can do all your work from home. Now Online Colleges afford you and I the opportunity to choose our career path in a timely manner with a great cost savings. This means you can do your work at noon or midnight if you get a degree online. It will give you more work/life balance in order to achieve your goals while maintaining your life outside of work and school. I like setting my own hours and this would be great for someone like me. A degree online is just as hard as getting one in a classroom, so it’s not easier to get one online.

Do you know of someone that does school from a computer at home? Do you think you would ever have an interest in getting a higher education by using the Internet? I know lots of online schools are enrolling new people all the time. I haven’t found the right school for me, but I do keep a close eye on the lastest programs and schools that do come online. I may switch my major to something else, if I find something that will help me more. I think as of right now, the business management route is the best way for me to go.

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Old games we used to play

Those days of watching westerns on Saturday afternoons and going out in the yard to play cowboys and Indians are gone. The computers with internet and a number of video games are plugged into the television sets now and the kids of today don’t know much about them cowboy and Indian battles. I can remember when watching cartoons were a big deal every Saturday morning and that was the only time they came on. The Saturday morning cartoons have been replaced with a channel that shows cartoons 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

cowboysI could just imagine what Santa gets to hear right now with the kids sitting on his lap asking him for the toys of today. I don’t guess he gets many kids that say they want a couple of guns and holsters for Christmas this year. I can still see the way 2 six shooters were packaged in a box that would include your holster, a badge, and usually a red bandana if your parents bought the good set. You didn’t need to ask Santa for any Indian supplies, because you could just imagine that the Indians were out there. If you were lucky enough to talk one of your buddies into being a Indian, the magic markers or make up would be enough to write a few lines across the face. The cowboy and Indian days are just not with us anymore and not many new western movies are coming out either.

brain_gamesI’m not trying to say that we were better off in those days when Indians were our biggest fear. We do have some modern fears that parents didn’t have to worry about then. Some of the brain exercises that are available today to stimulate our thinking instead of just sitting in front of the TV are great extensions and can help parents and their kids rejuvenate the creative mind. On the positive side of things, our kids are learning how to use computers in school and speak in other languages. I know some of us learned a few words in another language too, but the kids of today can practice it with their friends or neighbors who speak that other language fluently. Our kids of today should grow up much smarter and healthier than when I was growing up as a child in the late 70’s and 80’s generation. I just wish they could play cowboys and Indians like I use to or pretend to be the Lone Ranger that had a Indian sidekick named Tonto. QPMAV835E82T

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Getting to Hawaii

The summer is here and lots of people will be going to the beaches this year. I don’t think it’s really a vacation; unless you do travel to a beach some where. I know that has always been my favorite place to go for vacation. I love seeing the ocean for the first time; when you haven’t seen it in awhile. That memory of seeing the water for the first time always seems to stick out in my mind. It really isn’t too hard to pack up for the beach either, because you don’t need any fancy clothes or shoes to take to the beach. There are numerous  Expedia coupon code that can help you get to where you are going.

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Taking care of your home

California has battled  fire and floods in the past year and its happening in one of the most well-known areas of Southern California in Malibu. So much money is in that area and the nice homes to prove it. It’s really amazing to see all these million dollar homes being threatened by the fires in that area right now. The winds played a major role in spreading the damage and make matters worse and some of the gusts  reached up to 50 mph.

I’m sure the homeowners are very worried out there and they probably aren’t the only ones, as I’m sure homeowners insurance will be writing a lot of big checks for that area, if a lot of these luxury homes do go up in blazes. I guess in some cases you will have art, furniture, jewelry, and other expensive items that you really can’t put a price on. The insurance companies might need to seek federal aid, if these claims start coming in as fast, like an area that’s been hit by a hurricane or tornado.

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Preparing for the holiday season

Two things that we have spoken about before that you should be prepared for this holiday season is travel and gift cards. Whether you are looking to travel to a warmer climate or purchase orange led christmas lights these two points may help you avoid being stranded or losing money when buying gift cards.
Before you travel during the holiday season make sure that you have a backup plan as what happened last year could reoccur and leave passengers stranded during the holiday season. You have specific rights as a passenger that airlines are not eager to tell you about so you need to ask for those passenger rights and make sure that they give you what you are entitled too. There will be thousands of travelers this upcoming season that will be better prepared and know that they do not have to sit around and wait for the airline to do something.
With the economy starting to shows sign of life merchants are trying to make sure that they get the customer early and kick start their holiday sales. This year gift cards sales are expected to climb to $24 billion. This will be the second most popular gift behind clothing. They are great because then you don’t have to figure out anyone’s size or color preference. We have seen more gift cards being given out at birthday parties, as kids love to shop for their own stuff. But you should check those cards carefully once you receive as some will expire within a year, and some even assess a fee if not used within a specific amount of time. It is estimated that approximately $900 million in gift cards are outstanding and have or will expire.

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