Get your virtual love letter

You can find web services related articles online that can be used in your blog or website to help bring unique content to your site.  Plus for those aspiring writers and bloggers you can submit your article and start your viral marketing campaign. With the right message and branding you can create content and then have it published for free and have hundreds of thousands interested readers looking to add your content to their site. Another great example of creating a viral marketing campaign is what we saw with the Robbins Brothers.

love noteCase Study: What they were able to do was to take a simple concept ” A love note” and make it simple and easy for anyone to log on and create their own. The branding of the store is there and it helps people to think of engagement rings or diamond rings for that special someone. Since it is free and people  want to show their work they then forward and post to their blogs and Facebook accounts where others will then want to create their own. So instead of the typical jewelery touting low prices Robbins Brothers have created a emotional link to their brand.

When implementing any type of feed or embedding a video there are basically two types of feeds for those looking to add content to their site JAVA and XML. Java is less complicated and easier for beginners, but the only drawback is that from all we have read is that spiders do not read java code so the impact may not be as a great. The other option. XML feed, is actually the best and will result in a better and faster indexing for your site or blog. Both options are free and provide your site or blog with the latest articles that added on a daily basis. For new sites this is a great option as you establish your presence and move your way up the search engine ladder for your keywords.

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Is your auto insurance ready for you


With millions of drivers on the road today you are required in all states to carry auto insurance that will not protect you but those in your vehicle in case of an accident. Many people look at auto insurance as a necessary evil and something that they hope they will never use. Unfortunately most people will end up filing a claim in their driving lifetime. The competition for your business is at an all time with major companies advertising on TV and online you cannot escape the commercials. Many of them are touting to be the lowest and best priced insurance company offering incentives for good driving behavior or being able to customize your plan. There are some great resources online that can help you submit your information once and then you have insurance companies bidding on your business which can a be huge time saver and help you see which plan might be right for you.

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Who would you want on your ringtone

With two young daughters in our home and involved in sports we are constantly running around to practice and games. We have decided to give them cell phones so that they can always call us and we are able to contact them at anytime. Many of their friends now carry cell phones and texting is more of a form of communication than actually talking on the phone. My kids are always asking to get the latest rigntones so that they can customize their phones so that’s why we are considering giving my oldest daughter one of the latest Katy perry ring tones from I have even thought of putting a the Katy Perry Hot n Cold ringtone on my phone and assign it to my daughter in order to tell right away that she is calling.

Katy Perry is one my daughters favorite artist and she has many of her songs downloaded to her iPod and now wants to have some of those songs as her ringtones so that she can assign them to each of her friends. With so many artists now available to download to your cell phone it can be difficult to know which ones sound good on a cell phone. That is why I like sites like Jamster where you can sample what the ringtone will sound like on your phone before you buy.

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even service companies are using social media

There are even construction and service companies that specialize in everything from electrical to waterproofing basement projects that are using social media to attract new customers and keep their current customers up to date on their specials. I think we all could use help with marketing online better and network solutions can provide you with the tools and knowledge to be a more effective marketer online.

social blogging

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Going to the 2010 NFR

This years big event for the Tickets to the 2010 NFR Rodeo are now available.

rodeo_2010You can bet that the 2009 winners listed below will be out to defend their title, but their is still a lot of time until December:
2009 All Around World Champion
Trevor Brazille

The 2009 NFR World Champions

Bareback Riding
Bobby Mote

Steer Wrestling
Lee Graves

Team Roping (Header)
Nick Sartain

Team Roping (Heeler)
Kollin VonAhn

Saddle Bronc Riding
Jesse Kruse

Tie-Down Roping
Trevor Brazile

Barrel Racing
Brittany Pozzi

Bull Riding
J.W. Harris

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Vacation in Jamaica

There are some great values on all inclusive family vacations with special Sping deals.

The best Jamaica vacations can be found online and they are looking to make some great deals.

You will find discount vacation packages for you and your entire family.

LoudLaunch – Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis.

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Losing weight is no laughing matter

I was reading an interesting statistic that said by the year 2040 one in four Americans will have Type 2 diabetes primarily caused by the growing epidemic in obesity. Obesity is also a leading cause of cardiovascular disease which includes the prevalence of heart attack and strokes. You can’t go anywhere or turn on any show these days where we are not confronted with people who are either overweight or trying to lose weight through some TV show or diet program. A simple solution is to simply change our exercise and lifestyle habits. This is easier said than done and most people will try this path only to give up because they do not see immediate results or have very little support from those around them. It is essential to have a good support system of family and friends who are willing to push you to reach your goals so that when you do start to slip you do not go back to your old habits.
In today’s world there are hundreds of so called quick fixes to weight loss and finding the right solution for you can be a very big challenge. At sites like they offer reviews on today’s top diet pills and what they offer to their readers.

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Winning auctions at BidRack Penny auctions

There is a new penny auction site called BidRack that allows customers to bid in live auctions on name brand items and save up to 90% off retail. I was just on the site and they had an iPad 2 that people were bidding on that sold for just over $20. So how does this work you ask? The concept is simple: You join for free and then buy bids which you then you use for the live auctions. Each bid you place raises the price by one penny so the actual cost of the item can be quite small. Your bids cost on average of .75 each. Do keep in mind that once you bid you are spending money so if you lose you will not get those bids back. The site is great for entertainment as you watch people battle it out for a iPhone or gift card. It can be quite addictive to since you see items well under their normal retail value. There is a good bidrack review that helps you understand how they work and what people are saying about the site.

I would love to win one of the iPad 2’s that are currently up for auction. I have the original iPad so being able to upgrade by winning one for up to 90% off retail would be a great victory and would certainly post about here if and when I win. There have been several of these penny auctions sites that have opened up over the past year and while some are still around some have not lasted. The concept appears to be simple and those that are skilled enough can get items for very cheap. What I like about this site is that you can view items that sold, who won them, and the amount of bids that they used to win the item. In this type of auction site timing is everything and while you can grab some items at extreme discounts you must budget yourself.

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Owning a piece of paradise in Costa Rica

If you are looking to own a piece of paradise then you may want to check out this playa hermosa beach house for sale in beautiful Costa Rica. This house offers breathtaking views of the ocean and with the infinity pool you can relax and enjoy the sun during the day and the amazing sunsets in the evening. This guanacaste beach house for sale has recently been placed on the market and offers 3 bedrooms and open family and eating area. You will not find another costa rica beach house for sale that offers the convenience to the beach and quite surroundings at the price that is currently being offered. We have not posted the price due to changes in the market and current housing conditions. I invite you to check our this investment home for yourself and let your dreams come true.

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