Vacation in Aspen

What vacation destination in the United States do you think is the most popular? Is there one place that stands above all others; when you think about an all American vacation? I know I have several places in the U.S. I would like to visit one day. Places like Hawaii or Orlando would make a nice vacation destination but are usually very crowded during peak times and you can almost feel to rushed when visiting this high traffic areas. Areas like Aspen, Colorado are higher end vacation destination spots. You can ski in the winter and hike and bike in the summer. You can even find amazing homes for rent through aspen rentals that are located close to all of the main shopping areas of the village. The big cities like Los Angeles and New York get their fair share of tourists coming in for vacations. If you don’t like the big cities; then you probably prefer the mountains or beach for a family vacation. I like going to the beach and this seems like a true vacation to me, but I don’t complain when I do travel to the mountains for a vacation.

I’m not really sure where the top U.S. vacation place may be in America. I’m sure Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Orlando would be high on the list. I know I would prefer to go to Grand Canyon out of those 3 choices, but I would like to see all 3 some day. I know someone has a list some where of the top vacation spots in America and I bet there is a number one destination for travelers.

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Taking advantage of the home buying tax credit 2010

If you are in the market for a new home then you have until April 30th to take advantage of the home buying tax credit that has been in play for the last 8 months. This tax credit that has been part of the economic stimulus gives first time home buyers who qualify an $8000 tax credit and existing home owners looking to buy $6500. It is estimated that over 2 million people have taken advantage of this tax break and has started to show signs of helping the overall hosing market. As consumers look to purchase a new home the overall surrounding economy stands to benefit because of the additional spend that will take place in new furniture and appliances.

The real estate companies like Caldwell Bankers ha done a good job to help position themselves as a go to resource to help answer questions as well be an advocate for their clients looking to buy and sell their homes. While the tax break is rather simple you will want to make sure that you understand if you qualify because their is income limitations and the price of your home that you purchase cannot exceed $800k. Using a qualified Realtor can help you find the right home and be able to give you guidance on the specifics of this great incentive to help you get that new home that you have been looking at.

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Branding your orgnization through phone support

You can now get your owne Toll free numbers There is a new company that can help you brand your company through 800 Numbers while helping charity at the same time. At they donate 1/2 cent for each minute from each call to the charity of choice for the business. They offer a full array of high featured phone options while allowing you to market you brand and let your customers know that for every call they can help various charities.

charity-800-comAt one company called they can offer a full range of PBX solutions while giving their customers Call Tracking Numbers that can be used to understand where and when your calls are being received.

charity800Here are some of the benefits of charity800:

  • No Double Billing.
  • Instant Activation
  • Month to Month. No Commitments
  • Real-time call logs
  • Old Fashioned Customer Service

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finding an online marketing agency

Content is what drives the internet and many Web 2.0 companies are looking to obtain new and fresh content. Even the big cable companies like Comcast Cable are going to the web to find videos to fill channels for their viewers. We have started to find ways to syndicate content to increase our audience and the concept is slowly working. As we create and bring in more unique content we build our customer base and then they in turn bring in additional visitors. This is simply done by them linking to our feeds on their sites and then more people are exposed to our writings. I have always been a bug believer in having great content and even more so video content to bring value to your readers. If you can be seen as a great resource to get up to the date information all in one place then you will be of value to your customers. If not you will join the ranks of the other billion or so websites out there.

Online marketing Agency Partnering with companies like Direct Agents you can help expand your reach and brand awareness. They are experts in PPC, Social Marketing, and affiliate marketing. We have seen more and more companies linking into the video content and reaching out to bloggers to embed this content in their blogs. You can choose from a variety of topics and the videos are easy to install. Plus the fact that you have the opportunity to make money via advertising share, CPM start at $1. What’s great about this content is that it can freely redistributed or “Mashed”. This in turns takes on a viral marketing effect and you are compensated for the additional impressions that the videos are generating. Plus there are loyalty programs where members can earn additional prizes like digital cameras and even cars.

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Using social networks to play and work

For those that are looking to market something online or if you have some service or product to promote, I strongly encourage you to make friends online. You don’t have to come up with all the great ideas on your own, when it comes to succeeding online. You want to keep an open mind and listen to what others say about online marketing. I have learned so much from my online friends and I hope to learn even more from them in the future.

social_gamesA social networking website can help you achieve this too. We have been online and using Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed to converse with other marketers and even have started playing some of the online games that are offered like at Facebook. You can earn chips or buy facebook poker chips online through the approved sellers like Zynga, or I just found out by logging in you can send your friends free chips. The interaction is great and it is a great way to work and play while surfing the social networking community. If you are searching for new connections just do a search engine search for the social networking websites that exits out there today. A lot of new ones have come out in the last year or so and they have huge membership bases and these are people wanting to make online contacts.

social_gaminOpen up a new stream of marketing today and search for more online friends. Bounce ideas and suggestions off one another and share all your marketing secrets with your new friends. You will find that your new online friends are one of the best marketing tools that you could have ever dreamed about. Just remember that you don’t know everything and regardless of how many years of experience you have, you can learn something from a newbie just as easy as a professional online marketer, if you will leave your egos at the door and try to learn from each person you meet!

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Working with Alycia Kaback and her VIP talent connect team

The young 18 year-old Abigail continues to put up quality videos at You Tube. Her latest addition of this video just shows the beauty and vocal talents this teen from Mexico has. Abigail is always looking to challenge her self with a new song or learning to play a new instrument. She has dreams of composing, playing or singing music when she gets older. She has a good head on her shoulders and she continues to prove that she has talents that are worthy of bigger and brighter things than just the You Tube airwaves.

It would be nice to see someone stumble across the YouTube Sensation someday and see all of the talents Abigail has. I think commercials and television sitcoms could be a possibility for her too, because she presents her self in front of the camera so well. I’m not sure yet on where this shooting star is headed right now, but I am sure of one thing and that she is truly a star. This is where the services of VIP Talent Connect Alycia Kaback and her team to accelerate those connections in the industry to help her get discovered. There are several new music stars that got their start and following through Youtube. There are distinct advantages of using a talent agency to help your budding singing star get noticed and it can shorten the time you need to get exposed to the right people. While YouTube has been responsible for several new artists there are thousands that have yet to gain that exposure. So teaming up with VIP Talent Connect can be one way to help you and your star get on the path to success. I believe it’s only a matter of time until someone else gives her a direction to go or Abigail decides that on her own. You would not won’t to bet against her, as she continues to put out sensational videos of her singing talents and just her overall charming personality that she possesses.

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Getting insurance that matters

If you are like millions of Americans you know the expense and frustration of auto insurance. It varies between each state and the requirements needed just meet the minimum. Finding auto insurance quotes for a comparable cost can be confusing as each agent will try and put their own spin on what is needed. The great thing about getting your quotes online is that you set the exact parameters and then you have multiple agents bidding for your business. This way you can compare quotes across the board that have the same deductible and thresh holds of coverage.
With various companies on TV advertising the best possible rates and how they save their customers and average of 10-20% it can be difficult to understand who really has the best deal. You want to also understand which of these companies will have a live agent should you have a question or need to file a claim. So don’t get frustrated when it comes time to renew your policy just find your quotes online and you may actually enjoy the experience.

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Real Estate Bailout continues through April

If you are looking to buy a home within the next 6 months you may want to look a little harder. The Real Estate Bailout that has been put in place as a means to stimulate the economy will be ending at the end of April. It simply provides up to a $8000 tax credit towards the purchase of a home for qualified home buyers. Some of those requirements can be found in the following video but here are a few highlights:
» First time home buyers or those that have not owned a home in the last three years can receive up to $8K
» The contract must be signed by April 30 and closed by June 30 you can receive the tax credit
» There is an upper limit on the home purchased of $800,000

This tax credit has already added an estimated $22 billion to the economy and it can have a positive impact on the psychological appeal that houses are selling again and give confidence to the overall consumer. The implosion of the mortgage and housing market is what has lead us to the uncertain economic times. So now that you are able to receive a tax credit and enjoy some of the lowest interest rates in over 40 years get out there and find your dream home.

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