Hosted content management for your business

In order to obtain top results on search engines through search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing your traffic flow, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced online vendor who specializes in these services. Companies like Eden which specialize in Small Business CMS where you as the business owner are given tools to do your own search engine optimization for your website. With little to no web marketing or technical experience to get their site up and running and you can sign up for their service starting at $10 per month. There are things that you as a webmaster or blogger can do to help the search engines find your sites and crawl more of your content. By using static pages you can enhance your position within the major search engines like google. the Google webmaster guidelines give insight that if you want to increase your search engine positions then using static pages as opposed to dynamic pages will help in your traffic and search engine traffics. They employ web design and SEO tools in order to help their clients be seen and found on the internet.

Eden makes it simple for users to easily modify your website:


With the way people search and surf the internet today you need to make an impact when they land on your page within the first five seconds. Your Web Page Design will also play an important role in how your site is seen by your customers and the search engines. Too many new companies will want to add flashy graphics and flash animation only to find that it may take too long to load and deter the very customer you are trying to attract. And flashy graphics and flash animation are ignored by the search engines and this will be the major source of website traffic to your site. You can try Eden’s hosted content management services and try their 15 day Website CMS Free Trial. This will enable you to understand what you can do and how simple the process is before landing on the plan that is right for you. So having an optimum web design will play a big role in the success of your online business.

Here are some customer examples:


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Increase your brand strength

For developers the ability to create and drive new ideas that are taken into full production is the drive of their success. These days consumers are spending hours on the web researching and looking for products before they step foot in a store or make a purchase online. The ability to search multiple channels of information from videos to blogs to social networks makes content the big driver in todays decision. Many companies are struggling with how to maximize the time of their limited resources in information and systems technology and still explore and tap into these growing markets.Companies are using social media, blogs, and online marketing in order to capture new customers and raise awareness of their company and brand. Companies and small businesses have to use multimedia presentations in new formats in order to tell the story of their brand and product. They must make it uniform across all platforms in order to strengthen the brand and company presence in their market. While this is still an avenues that is still being used companies are now trying to use those same items to drive customers to their blog or twitter account. From their they are able to see the impact of their marketing and stay in touch with their customers.

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How to brand your site through email

If you are starting your website or blog, why not use your email to help build traffic and brand your website. We use and We place a signature in that is automatically sent out to all those we communicate with. So whether is is freinds, family, or customers they all know what we have to offer. And the best part is when you send along some great news, or the joke of the day, your email is attached and more and more see your sites. See the power. Most email providers allow you to set up a default signature that can be sent with all emails. So check it out and make your email a part of your online branding.

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2010 Real estate tax benefit is no laughing matter

home taxIf you are like thousands of homeowners you may be wondering does the extended tax credit apply to me? I was able to look at a simple and easy to understand video on the subject and it really helped to clarify if I was eligible. Unfortunately since we just moved just over three years ago we do not qualify but there are thousands of home owners or first time home buyers who can take advantage of this tax credit while enjoying some of the best mortgage rates in over 40 years. The Real Estate Tax Benefit has two components that allow first time home buyers or those looking to upgrade their homes a chance to receive anywhere between $6500 to $8000 in tax credits. The key is that you must have a written contract in place by April 30, 2010 and closed on your home by June 30, 2010.
This video from Coldwell Banker gives you information to help you decide:

This and other stimulus are helping to keep one of the biggest financial components of our economy headed in the right direction. You can consult with your realtor about whether you qualify for the 2010 home buyers tax credit if you are in the market for buying a new home. Now is the best time to purchase a new home because there is large inventory and motivated sellers who are looking to move or get out from under their current home.

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Angus Reed and the Wyndham marina development

Wyndham Marina and Angus ReedDevelopers today are looking for new and innovative ways to develop properties for where both home owners and businesses can coexist. We have started to see more community projects start up that include condos and businesses under one main footprint that creates a small ecosystem. This is also the case along major water fronts like those Australia. One such developer , Angus Reed, and his company Prudentia have been involved in developing Wyndham Marina, located in Melbourne, Australia. The project itself was delayed in the initial phases to get started to due to land use and sustainability surveys that had to be completed in order to understand the impact on the surrounding wetlands and shore lands. In the development plans there was about 12 hectare of wetlands and public space that have been created. In addition there was a commitment by Angus Reed and development company to rehabilitate some of the coastal shores and reserves in the surrounding areas.

Angus Reed is no stranger to developing marina properties as he showed in a project that was built in Dubai. In different countries the requirements are change and being able to develop a major entertainment, commercial and residential area was critical in the success of getting approval of the Wyndham Marina project. There will be solar powered systems in place to help home owners and businesses to harness the suns power and reduce their carbon footprint. A minimum 6 star energy rating will be required for all homes and using local and newly developed wetlands can be used to capture water runoff and provide more reusable resources.

The marina will offer up to 1000 wet beths with the ability to store up to 390 boats and right now they are selling 99 years leases. A proposed ferry will help link other ports along the waterway and the development is estimated to generate approximately 400 jobs and have major positive impact on the local company.



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Michael Kors Watches as a special gift

For all the guys out there, I thought I would give you the heads up about Valentines Day. We are just a little over a month away and now is the time to start saving for that gift or looking for something to buy. I guess if you’re going to get your sweetheart a box of candy or some flowers; you might not have to worry about saving any money. Plus you always need a watch to help keep you on time for those important appointments. I know that I hate to be late for anything. If anybody has a girlfriend or wife that has a birthday in May, that is probably the best case scenario. You can get birthday and Mothers Day all taken care of in a short amount of time and you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. You might want to think about a wedding date during this time too, so you can cover your anniversaries too; if you’re not married yet!

The latest Michael Kors Watches offer a great selection of style and price for both men and women. Kids looking to get your Dad something that he will always remember and not another tie that will sit in the closet. I know that I would love to have a great watch like this because I am always running to meetings and then after work either playing with the kids or working out and do not remember to take off my watch. So one that will stand the beating and still look stylish for the work day would be great. Thanks kids for reading this and I look forward to seeing what surprises you have in store for me in the near future.

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Fashionable eyeglasses for the holidays

If you don’t have the best eyes in the world or just don’t see as well as you use to; now might be a good time to have your eyes checked out. With the holidays coming up now is the time to start making your wish list on what you might like. With so many styles to chose from you are sure to find something that you will like. Plus they have cool feature that allows you to virtually try on any frames and lenses. Try it out today.

Zenni_2It’s easy to find stylish prescription glasses online now!

Zenni Optical offers a huge selection on many different types of glasses. You will be able to find $8 eyeglasses, $9.95 eyeglasses, $12.95 eyeglasses and $15.95 eyeglasses; so you have a choice in the price and they’re all cheap! They also have glasses for $19 in metal, plastic or acetate. A wide assortment of frames is available and you can find rimless frames, full or half rim frames. They even have the sunglasses you can clip on to your existing prescription glasses, so you don’t have to fight the sun in your stylish glasses. You will definitely want to check out the dozens of sunshade models they have in stock. Be sure to save Zenni Optical to your favorites so you won’t forget where they’re, the next time you’re looking for stylish prescription glasses!

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Watching movies online

The modern horror movies do have some nice technology these days, but the human mind still can’t be beat. The people that created the Saw movies are certainly using their brains to show us some things in horror movies we have never seen before. Have you had a chance to watch any of the Saw movies yet? These are thrillers and will probably have you closing your eyes from time to time as you see some of these gruesome scenes.

I think the first Saw movie was great and wasn’t that impressed with the 2 that followed it. I have recently seen Saw IV or Saw 4 and thought it was a really good movie. I haven’t watched Saw 5 yet, but now I am hearing that Saw 6 is coming to theaters soon. How soon, you ask?  The late October release for Saw VI was perfect timing for the Halloween holiday that is fast approaching. And now you can catch many of the earlier and current versions online. Thanks to broadband you can now Watch Movies Online that are newly released or classic thrillers with much better clarity. At sites like they offer a great assortment of comedies, horror, and current films. You check out their forum to see what others are saying and you can watch most of the movies for free.

How many Saw movies have you seen? They are 5 Saw movies that are already out and you can catch up on them now; while you wait for Saw 6 to come out. People either love or hate these Saw movies, but they are certainly different from your typical horror movies. It can sometimes be a bit trivial, but it is awesome to see how they create some of these death scenes.

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Watching the humor in NASCAR

If you watch NASCAR you know that there is always some type of wreck or drama that takes place. Even in the pit crews where these guys look like they are part of an assembly line getting car parts off a conveyor belt  with no effort putting a car back together to into the race. Many of the new drivers have been in their fair share of accidents especially Tony Stewart. Since being here he has just complained, and wrecked other guys intentionally. Now he has came out with his latest complaint for the debris on the race track cautions.

nascar_wrecksNow this is nothing new in NASCAR. They have had these debris cautions before. One week ago, a debris caution went by with no TV exposure on it. Which Darrell Waltrip insured us, that we would see all debris on these cautions. If they can find them, that is. During one of the races there was no mention of this. And just few races later, the same thing happen again. A debris caution, with no TV coverage. Now suddenly Tony Stewart thinks he has the right to complain. They played his voice on air that night. He was displeased with it, because he was charging to the front.

Now you have someone complaining about a rule that they think it hurt them, in their chances to win the race. It just seems Tony is unhappy, and not appreciate at all at being in the NASCAR Family. I think NASCAR should just let him go, and let him find another thing to do. We can surely find someone that is more respectable than him, and will understand that NASCAR is the bosses. If you like it, race with them. If you don’t, then walk away.

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